CompCert is a formally verified optimizing C com­piler for safety-critical and mission-critical soft­ware. Unlike any other produc­tion compiler, it is mathe­ma­tic­ally proven to be exempt from mis­compila­tion issues. Such confi­dence in the correct­ness of the compila­tion process is un­prece­dent­ed and helps meet the highest levels of soft­ware assurance


  • Using the CompCert C compiler is a natural complement to applying formal verification techniques (static analysis, program proof, model checking) at the source-code level. The correctness proof of CompCert guarantees that all safety properties verified on the source code automatically hold for the generated code as well.
  • On typically embedded processors, the code generated by CompCert typically runs twice as fast as the code generated by GCC without optimizations, and only 20% slower than GCC at optimization level 3.