IMS provides the key specialists and tools for the management and execution of safety and reliability programs and RAM Analysis for projects, in compliance with latest norms, including specific standards (i.e. IEEE Std ) on Electric/Electronic Systems Reliability, Availability, and Productivity.

IMS specialists have experience in the application of RAMS Engineering for Oil & Gas, Indian Space program , Chemical and, more generally, process plants, electrical, electronic, telecommunication, and safety systems and in the use of methods such as FMEA/FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis), Root Cause Analysis.

Our skills cover all technical aspects for developing FMEA/FMECA analysis at any complexity level and the use of Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis, RBD design (Reliability Block Diagram), dynamic Montecarlo Simulation (focused on complex systems i.e. process plant), and System Simulation.

IMS specialists offer their experience/expertise to help customers to individuate the most suitable reliability data for each critical failure mode or item, by means of experts engineering judgment or referenced data banks.  Moreover, for each reliability evaluation and related statistical uncertainty, the physical models are evaluated as applicable by using a Bayesian approach, which enables the integration of subjective judgment and available field data.