Web UI Interface

Mongoose turns a software product, a device or appliance into a web server, accessible by a browser

Device control panel: One of the most common use cases is to use Mongoose to add a Web-accessible control panel for a device

Login screen, file uploads and more: Ready-to-go examples and tutorials for common functionalities like authentication, live logs, video streaming

Remote control

Using Mongoose, it is easy to create various API to control your device or application remotely – via browser, mobile phone, or automation tools

RESTful API: We have created an extremely memory efficient, easy to use, MIT-licensed JSON library to use together with Mongoose

Real-time two-way communication: Real-time, full duplex communication over MQTT or Websocket. Exhange plain data, or wrap data into JSON to use JSON-RPC!

For more information, Visit at https://mongoose.ws/