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The IM2441 is IMS’s Type 6 COM Express carrier cards employ many key features that are critical for successful use in the rugged environments of defense / industrial applications. This flexible solution provides users the freedom to select a CPU that best meets their application requirements and extend their signal processing capabilities with Different available I/O Interfaces. The IM2441 is an evaluation and development platform that can be used together with any type of Rugged COM Express® module. The IM2441 provides physical interfaces and connectors for nearly all current serial standard I/Os, which can be routed from the COM Express® connectors to the carrier board. These carrier cards are ready for conduction cooling. Developers can install a CPU, carrier and expansion boards into a completely sealed enclosure. iMicro System has developed a heat dissipation approach that meets the cooling needs of all three components including Power Supply. Another vital feature is the built in DC/DC power supply. The carrier card operates from a single external 18–36V DC power source. All internal supply voltages are derived from this single external DC power source and built onto the carrier card