IMS offers BSP and Device Driver Development services for a wide range of platforms and processor architectures. Our team has sound knowledge of system software, a thorough understanding of hardware and familiarity with the OS internals. Together, it provides the expertise in BSP and device driver development. For development, we analyze custom hardware and create the software package required to optimize both the development and deployment process.

Our team has done BSP and driver development for many devices and I/O’s, porting of OS and integration of 3rd party products.

We have done development for Camera, Display component(DVI, LVDS, VGA), Storage device(CF, NAND Flash, USB Storage), Connectivity(USB, Ethernet, CAN), Wireless(GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN), Interfaces(Touch Screen, LCD, KB, Keypad, Joystick, GPIO), UART, ADC, DAC, Accelerometer.

Technical Expertise

Operating Systems Real Time Operating System/Executive Processor Technologies Bus Technologies Programming Language Tools
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Vxworks
  • Qnx
  • VDX
  • IA-32/IA64
  • PowerPC
  • ARM
  • OMAP
  • IMX
  • FPGA
  • PCI, cPCI
  • VME
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • IDE: Eclipse IDE, Windriver Workbench,GHS Development suite, CCS, ARM D5-S Development Studio
  • Compilers: GNU, WR Dab, Cosmic, Codewarrior
  • JTAG/BDM tool: Abatron 3000,DStream-ST, TI debug probe
  • Safety Critical Software: Verified compiler(compcert), Static analysis(Astree), Timing Analysis(Wcet)
  • Modelling & simulation:Matlab, Simulink
  • Test Development & Engineering:LabView, CANTATA, RTRT, TestStand,Vector CANalyzer