Engineering Services

At iMicro System, our goal is to provide expert platform engineering services that result in high quality devices. That’s why our engineers work to help customers, find solutions to complex engineering challenges to maximize the performance of your device. Our engineering services includes hardware design and Software development.



  Bootloader Development Board Support Package
  CPU Initialization Library development
  Kernel Adaptation Application Software Development
  Device Driver Development  
  Bootloader Development
Bootloader software is the first to run after powerup or reset,before any operating system runs.It is highly processor and board specific.We have expertise in building bootloaders across platform
CPU Initialization
CPU initialization is the process of initializing all per-CPU devices and data.CPU initialization includes Initialization the interrupt handling mechanism, Initialization of the interrupt controller, Initialization the timer controller, Initialization of the inter-processor interrupt mechanism ..etc.iMicro System have experts figure out the initialization that will work best for your device.
Kernel Adaptation
Kernel is the central component of device operating systems, it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level.It includes managing the system's resources ,the communication between  CPU,Memory,and I/O's for hardware devices.We can create a kernel adaptation that makes your hardware devices run smoothly and efficiently.
Device Driver Development
iMicro System specializes in developing device drivers for various devices under  different operating systems and processor technologies. Also we make sure they all work well together.
Board Support Package
A board support package (BSP) is an abstraction layer between device hardware and operating system . It is commonly built with a bootloader that contains the minimal device support to load the operating system and device drivers for all the devices on the board.BSP performs initialization of cpu,bus, Interrupt controller,clock, RAM settings..etc. iMicro System have expertise in developing BSP's across platform technologies.
Library development
We have rich experience in development of low level library for various series of Texas Instrument’s DSP.
Application Software Development
iMicro System's team builds cross-platform applications for target devices running Vxworks,Qnx,VDK,DSP/BIOS, Linux,Windows Embedded operating systems. We can create a comprehensive solution for your embedded device. Our developers address all relevant design, development and deployment concerns specific to hardware device. From selecting the right hardware board,operating system, user interface framework and third party applications and integrating all together.we have the knowledge and experience to design the good application for your device.
Technical Expertise
Operating Systems Real Time Operating System/Executive Processor Technologies Bus Technologies Programming Language

  Assembly Language
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