Stack Analysis Tool (Analysis and verification tools)
AbsInt provides advanced development tools for embedded sys­tems, and tools for validation, verification and certification of safety-critical software.AbsInt’s tools are designed to
Enhance software safety
Speed up time-to-market
Lower testing and validation costs
Improve software efficiency to reduce system costs for embedded, real-time, safety-critical applications
WCET analysis
Extensive timing testing is now a thing of the past. aiT WCET Analy­zers stat­i­cally compute tight bounds for the worst-case execution time of tasks in real-time sys­tems. They di­rectly analyze binary ex­e­cut­ables and take the intrinsic cache and pipe­line behavior into account.
StackAnalyzer — stack usage analysis
StackAnalyzer de­ter­mines the stack usage of the tasks in your ap­pli­ca­tion. Stack height dif­fer­ences are shown as an­no­ta­tions in the call graph and control flow graph. Critical program sections are marked using customiz­able colors. The analysis re­sults are valid for all inputs and each task ex­e­cution.
StackAnalyzer — stack usage analysis
aiPop automatically re­duces the size and, op­tion­ally, speeds up the ex­e­cution of com­piled C code. Reducing code size di­rectly translates into reduced memory requirements and lower hardware costs.
Astrée — run-time error analysis
Astrée is a static pro­gram analyzer that proves the absence of run-time errors in safety-critical embedded ap­pli­cations written or automatically generated in C.
ValueAnalyzer — static value analysis
ValueAnalyzer is a static program ana­lyzer that is particu­lar­ly useful for ver­i­fying the absence of il­le­gal accesses to an em­bed­ded software system from within third-party modules provided as object code.
TimingExplorer — architecture exploration at the ECU level
TimingExplorer offers a set of parame­terizable ECU core models to explore the effects of different ECUs or different ECU configurations on the WCET performance.
PAG — static program analysis
PAG-generated ana­lyzers are highly effi­cient thanks to so­phis­ti­cat­ed data structures and iter­ation algorithms. They can be easily integrated into existing com­pilers thanks to a well-defined interface.
aiSee — graph visualization
aiSee calculates a cus­tom­izable graph layout from an easy-to read graph specifi­ca­tion. It fea­tures various layout al­go­rithms, subgraph nesting, export of graphs to numerous formats and easy printing.
a³ — AbsInt Advanced Analyzer

a³ is a wrapper applica­tion that integrates any combination of AbsInt’s tools for static program ana­ly­sis (aiT, Stack­Analyzer, ValueAnalyzer, TimingExplorer, TimeWeaver) in a single intuitive user inter­face.

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