Microcontroller & Microprocessors
Ceibo provides development platform for several microcontrollers i..e 8051, 251, 8051XA,8048, PIC, 8085, x86, ST6, HC08, HC12.
For more information on Ceibo products, please visit www.ceibo.com
Brendes Datentechnik GmbH
Brendes is offering professional development tools for 8 bits 8051 and 32 bits ARM microcontrollers. All components needed for a successful microcontroller development are provided by Brendes:
debugging software, compilers, real-time operating systems
emulators, real-time trace memories
evaluation boards and adaptors
For more information on Brendes products, please visit www.brendes.de
FudanTech Information Co Ltd.
FudanTech provides best ARM & XScale Development Tools at lowest cost. The tool includes development platform board, Compiler support, JTAG device.
For more information on Fudantech products, please visit www.fudantech.com
P&E Microcomputer Systems
P&E Microcomputer Systems provides in circuit emulators, BDM cables and in line EPROM/EEPROM programmers for Freescale's 68HCxx, 68HCxxx series of processors, Power architecture processors. These products are inexpensive and useful for design and development around Freescale series of controllers and processors.
For more information on P&E Micro products, please visit www.pemicro.com
Softec Microsystems Srl
Softech Microsystems provides development tools for ST6, ST7, HC08/12, Development Boards Supporting Motorola 68HC/08/12 & ST Microelectronics ST 5/7, Serial protocol Analyzer, EPROM Simulator ST/Mot: Gang Programmer.
For more information on Softec Microsystems products, please visit www.softecmicro.com
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