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Abatron AG offers a palette of economical and effective development tools for the built-in BDM and JTAG interface of processors with CPU12, CPU16, CPU32/32+, PowerPC, ColdFire, M-CORE, ARM, XScale and MIPS32/64. Abatron tools offer comprehensive support for debuggers from leading vendors. These tools are based on the BDM/JTAG interfaces of BDI1000, BDI2000 and BDI3000. In most cases, the BDI family and the associated software packages eliminates the need for expensive hardware like an in-circuit emulator. The BDI family allows communication via RS232, USB, or 10/100-BASE-T Ethernet bewteen the development computer and the BDM or JTAG interface of the target system.
Ultimate Solutions Inc.offers products for embedded development :
BDI 3000
BDI 3000 is a high speed BDI / JTAG debug interface used for on chip debugging.
BDM debug support for ColdFire, PowerPC 5xx/8xx Same hardware for all supported targets and debuggers
JTAG debug support for PowerPC, ARM, XScale, MIPS Flash memory on-board programming
Host communication via RS232 and Ethernet (10/100) Easy connection to the target system
Program download speed up to 1500 Kbytes/s Robust EMC-optimized design
BDM/JTAG clock up to 32 MHz Excellent price-performance payoff
Supports target system voltages from 1.2 – 5 V 3 years warranty
Supports debuggers from leading vendors  
bdiGDB is GNU debugger
bdiRDI supports ADW/AXD from ARM, Ltd./EWB from IAR Systems
bdiCW supports CodeWarrior from Freescale (Metrowerks)
bdiNDI supports EDGE from Mentor Graphics
bdiPRO is standalone Flash memory on-board programming software tool
bdiAccess is Library to access BDM functions within own Windows applications
LinuxScope-JTD™ (JTAG Target Debugger) is a debugger for the Eclipse IDE that has been optimized for use with Abatron's BDI2000 and BDI3000 BDM/JTAG Probes. LinuxScope-JTD™ leverages the capabilities of the BDI probe, which already supports a wide-range of embedded CPUs to provide a complete software debugging solution for the Linux kernel. LinuxScope also provides users with the ability to program a wide range of common flash strata flash devices. Where it is built on Eclipse, it is easy to add a user defined tool chain to support application building and debugging.
Designed to debug BDM/JTAG targets with the Abatron BDI2000 and BDI3000 BDM/JTAG Probe
Integrated flash utility to simplify the flash burning process
Allows creation of custom scripts to perform special target operations
Designed to allow Linux kernel debugging
Easy mechanism to modify and view hardware registers
Enhanced MI interface adds hardware breakpoint awareness into Eclipse™ and tracking of modules
Eclipse™ based IDE and plug-in available, which allows you to standardize your tools into one platform
Standard debug features: View/Modify memory, view disassembly, track watch points, view variable and view stack
For more information on BDI family and LinuxScope-JTD products, please visit www.utsol.com
Wintech Digital Systems Technology Corp
Wintech Digital Systems Technology Corp. is an embedded video communication solution provider and DSP development tool provider. It has developed DSP development platforms, target boards, emulators and DSP application software. Wintech has also developed DM64x™ based video communication solutions. Wintech is a member of TI's (Texas Instruments) worldwide DSP third party program and a third party partner of Intel and Microsoft.
XDS560v2 System Trace
The Wintech XDS560v2 JTAG Emulator is designed to be used with digital signal processors (DSPs) reference to TI XDS560v2. It supports Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors and Microcontrollers with JTAG interface. It is fully plug and play compatible. It hsa advanced emulation controller provides high performance and supports MIPI System Trace capability for advanced development. It supports tocommunications to host PC by Ethernet and USB 2.0.
TDS560USB Real-Time Emulator
The TDS560USB JTAG Emulator is designed to be used with digital signal processors (DSPs) operating at 1.0-5.0 volts. The emulator itself is a USB device. It is fully plug and play compatible. The TDS560USB JTAG Emulator is designed to operate with TI Code Composer Studio IDE debug tool and is compatible with Windows2000/XP/2003 Server.
Blackhawk™ is a leader in the design of DSP hardware and software Development Tools. The first to develop a USB to JTAG emulator for Texas Instruments XDS510 class devices and next generation with the Blackhawk USB560 JTAG Emulator.
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