BDM cable

BDM MULTILINK provides access to the Background Debug Mode (BDM) on Freescale's MC9(S)12(X) and HCS08 microcontrollers. It is the hardware interface between a standard IBM PC parallel port (DB25 female connector) and a standard 6 pin connector - the background mode header on a CPU12 target system. By using the BDM MULTILINK, the user can take advantage of the background debug mode to halt normal processor execution and use a PC to control the on-chip resources. The user can then directly control the target's execution, read/write registers, memory values and program internal or external FLASH memory devices. The pinouts of the BDM connector are specified by Freescale. The BDM MULTILINK is supplied in a small protective plastic shell, pictured above. It may be opened by pulling the two halves of the cable cover assembly.

BDM Multilink works with P&E's PROG, ICD, CASM/WinIDE software (sold seperately) - for a complete HCS08, HC12, or HCS12 package, which includes the BDM Multilink interface, PKGHCS08 and PKG12Z_MULTILINK are available.

BDM MULTILINK represents an enhancement of the speed and versatility of P&E's popular CABLE12. The BDM MULTILINK enables you to make higher-speed downloads to your target. The cable derives its power from the target and can operate with targets from 5.5V down to 2 Volts. BDM MULTILINK also automatically calculates the speed and voltage of the target. It will work with the latest Freescale HCS12/HCS12X devices.

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